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When your patio or driveway has a build up of moss, grime or algae it becomes discoloured, unattractive and potentially unsafe when wet and slippery.

We will clean and treat all surfaces to keep your home looking as good as possible for as long as possible

Patio / Driveway Cleaning



Gutter Cleaning is an important part of keeping your home in good condition, if you spot any mold inside your house near your gutter line this may be a sign your gutters are blocked and water is saturating the brickwork.

Gutter Cleaning

Roof cleaning


Roof Moss is not only unsightly but can also become an issue in the winter months as it gets under roof tiles and as it holds a lot of water can freeze then expand breaking tiles in the process.

We can clean the Moss, Lichen and Algae and treat the roof to stay clean longer

Roof Cleaning

Services We Provide

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Render Cleaning


Render Cleaning can have the biggest impact on a home as with many renders like K render there is a pigment/colour within the render so it is not painted and can suffer from grime and mold growth but with certain chemicals clean up very nicely

Commercial Cladding Cleaning


Smart Exterior can clean cladding and facades on industrial buildings including walkways and entrances, keeping your business looking fresh and clean, ready to welcome customers to your door

Decking Cleaning


Decking that is covered in green algae is a real hazzard when wet it is similar to an ice rink and can cause injury and not a nice place to be especially if there are steps as well. Smart Exterior can clean your decking making it safer and bring back the natural wood colour too

Professional decking cleaning

 10% off on Selected Services

Limited Time Offer in July 2023

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Black Spot Mold and Lichen

Black Spot Mold and Lichen Cleaned

Clean Blockwork of Green algae

Spotless driveway blockwork

Block Paving requiring some attention

Block Paving attended to

Weeding Required

not any more, clean of weeds.

 Our Recent Projects

Our Recent Work removing Black Mold, Lichen and Algae from Patios and Block Paving Driveways

Image by Olga Thelavart

Wet Pour/Playground Cleaning


Wet Pour is used on Childrens Playgrounds to reduce the impact of a fall and is made from a rubber crumb.

it can be designed in many bright colours and patterns  and over time this can get covered in slippery Algae, Moss and Grime.

We can certainly clean this and

bring thosebright colours back

Resin Driveway Cleaning


Resin Driveways are stunning and come in many different colours and even patterns and designs, generally they need very little maintenance but can still become slippery from green algae, mold, moss and general grime.

when clean they look great again.

Oil and Rust Stain Removal


Patios, Driveways and Paths can all suffer with staining whether it is from cars leaking oil on the drive to patio furniture rusting on the slabs it can easily happen.

We are able to help remove these stains but it does depend upon how long these stains have been there and this can determine how successful we are in removing them in full

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